The Wirkshop series is collection of workshops taught by Tyler Wirken of Wirken Photography. The idea is to offer a complete range of photographic learning opportunities for everyone, from the beginning photographer to the seasoned pro. Tyler has been able to refine his teaching style over the years allowing him to easily and effectively help photographers of any skill level improve their images. More importantly Tyler is known for his ability when working one on one with photographers to get the root of what is holding them back mentally. Challenging each student to think deeper and face potential issues head on in order to improve. Here you will find all the ways that he can provide you with the training and guidance you will need to grow as an image maker.

Tyler takes his years of owning and running a documentary based photography studio, as well as his time as a photojournalist, and combines them with his passion for teaching to help photographers of all levels improve their understanding of all things picture making. He and his wife Pam live in Kansas City, Missouri and are the owners of Wirken Photography. To see Tyler’s work visit