Every photographer benefits from feedback on their work. It’s a great way to grow and improve! When you sign up for a critique, you’ll get Tyler’s helpful and candid input on your photographs. Tyler offers two forms of critique session the help you get past what is hanging you up.

Speed Critiques

Feeling stuck and need some quick advice? Then a Speed Critique is perfect for you! Tyler will dive into your work and help you make tough choices.

30 minute online session- $100

Tyler is honest. You can explain away all your mistakes but he rarely lets you get away with any of them. Most of all Tyler is funny…his words might be hard to hear but it never feels that way because he really does have this genius sense when the tension needs to be released and makes a jokes to lighten the mood.

Emily W

Personal Critiques

Tyler will spend one hour with you online critiquing a full wedding, blog post, or collection of photos. You’ll walk away with new insights on your strengths and weaknesses, and be ready to take on new challenges!

1-hour online session- $195

The strong lesson I learned is that a great photo isn’t always a ‘pretty’ photo.  And in turn, it’s shaped what I view as most important in documenting what’s REAL. Thank you!

Tim K

Visit the Wirken store to get started
Visit the Wirken store to get started