I just returned from teaching at the3-day Fearless Class workshop in Texas with Huy Nguyen and Kirsten Lewis Bethmann. It was 3 days all about moments. During that time I promised the Nikon shooters in attendance that I would explain my settings for optimizing efficiency on my D750 to make my life easier when trying to capture fleeting moments at weddings or family sessions. Since I ran out of time to do that I decided to make a video and finally update this site. 🙂 Sit back and watch how I set up my cameras as well as a little explanation of the one feature of my Nikon’s that will make it extremely difficult to ever switch camera systems. It is a game changer that no other camera systems have as far as I know.



For those what want to watch Dave Cheung’s video on how to set up all of this up in the menus go here:

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