Shoot with You Wirkshop

Believed to be the ultimate Wirkshop we offer, The Shoot with You Wirkshop is unlike any other. The idea is simple but the benefits are anything but. Having Tyler shoot along side you, helping to strategize, and observe the way you cover a wedding is by far one of the most beneficial learning experiences available. This Wirkshop comes with two mentor sessions with Tyler in addition to shooting time. Session one will happen prior to the Wirkshop as a way to get acquainted with each other and develop an idea of your shooting style and approach. This allows Tyler to start working on customizing the approach. Tyler will then travel to you and either second or third shoot your wedding with you. During which he will not only be shooting but also quietly observing the way you work identifying areas of strength and those in need of improvement. You will be able to observe him in real time the way he approaches his weddings. Shooting alongside each other allows for incredible insight into how Tyler approaches each situation. Instruction during the wedding is approached carefully as to not detract from the job at hand. In addition to having Tyler observe your process you also get access to every image he shoots for your client allowing you to see his thought processes as as well what he got and what he missed. The second mentor session happens after the wedding. Tyler will spend time with you via Skype talking about his thoughts and going over the images captured on that day.

Typical topics covered include-

– How to anticipate moments and build the composition to best portray the story

-Using available and off-camera light to its full advantage

-How to efficiently cover every stage of a wedding day from prep to ceremony to reception and beyond

-The thought process and strategy behind telling a story visually

-Finding the best possible image in any given situation and being able to capitalize on that


$3,500 (schedule permitting and within the continental US, up to $500 in travel expenses are included)



I had struggled with problems in my photography for years in areas of exposure and composition.  Tyler clearly set out the problems I needed to work on.  It took months of work after the workshop, but I finally fixed my technical problems and was able to work on finding my voice in my photos. 

Ed A