The Inspired Moment

The Inspired Moment

When reading photographers websites I always notice when they mention the first time they picked up a camera. I always find this interesting because the first time I picked up a camera I didn’t really care. Growing up the only camera’s we used were disposable ones, and like most things disposable you don’t really place value in them. In high school I had a moment of being fascinated with Polaroids and would blow through a package of film every so often. It was just an urge or an impulse, nothing more. It wasn’t until many years later that the moment that inspired me to become a photographer happened, and I still have the image I made.

It’s a simple slightly blurry Polaroid I had made of my wife (then girlfriend) in the back of a car. Most likely in 2002. We were living in Seattle at the time and we carried with us a small Polaroid JoyCam. It was smaller than what most people think of when they think of Polaroid but that made it easy to take around. We have boxes of those little instantly developed images sitting around. We were just sitting there waiting for a friend to get back in the car and something about how the light was hitting her face caught my eye. I took a picture.

There is nothing really special about the image, but this image is the first that I made that made me think, “maybe I should start learning to be a photographer.” Which is what I mean by Inspired Moment. The first time I can actively recall wanting to be what I became, and am still becoming.

Do you have an inspired moment? The first time you recall wanting to be a photographer? A film maker? or whatever you are or trying to be now? We’d love to hear your story in the comments below or drop us an email.


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