About Brandon

Brandon Parigo has been film making for nearly fifteen years. He started his career in the commercial video world after attending film school. He worked almost every position imaginable on film sets before deciding that documenting real life was more important to him. Starting with wedding photography and eventually wedding film making, Brandon learned how to capture reality quickly using only the tools needed to tell the story. Partnering with Tyler Wirken, Brandon has been exploring using audio and video at weddings and other storytelling work since before and after the ‘fusion’ craze. He believes that moving images, audio, and still images all have their place in helping photographers tell stories for their clients. Brandon has attended workshops held by Mediastorm for multimedia producers and continues to keep on the forefront of how the technologies are being used for private individuals and news gathering agencies.

This was a great workshop. I like that you were honest. I just felt guilty at how much time you spent working without me paying a couple thousand dollars extra. I think all photographers should have to go through this process so they can learn to respect cinema a bit more.

Katrina H

About the Multimedia Wirkshops We offer three types of training with multimedia: mentoring, classes, and the full workshop. All the multimedia workshops are taught by Brandon Parigo of Wirken Films and Untold. They focus on training photographers in the arts of audio and video capture without changing them as photographers. These workshops are floating workshops, happening whenever you need them to happen!

Mentoring Mentoring you through the ups and downs of learning how to make multimedia work, can happen in small two hour chunks. As structured or unstructured as you naturally learn and beginning at your skill level. $200 for two hours, $900 for 6 months (six, two hour sessions), or $1700 for a year (twelve, two hour sessions).

The Class The class is a one day classroom based learning experience. It is structured for up to 10 students. We work through how multimedia is used in today’s world, how it can be used by you for your individual needs, the gear needed (from the basics to advanced), capturing audio and video, as well as shooting for and building a multimedia presentation.  One day class gives an overview of what you need to build your presentations during an evening extended look at editing.   All Classes are hosted in Kansas City. $375 per person for the One Day Class.

The Full Workshop The full workshop is a three day workshop for one or two students. We cover everything the class does, then insert at least one day of covering a story before diving into at least another full day creating a multimedia piece together. The workshop is held in Kansas City. $750 a student, minimum of two students.  Observers who sit in on the class day and the edit day can be added for $300 each (maximum of two)